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Leadsun strength lies in design and production of customized products. Leadsun have experienced professional engineers, to provide you with include aspects of selection, design, application, testing, failure analysis and other technical support.
Leadsun Electronic technology center record the diversity and characteristics of customers to order products, sales tracking market trends and innovation process at any time, to be the best technical support and services.
Leadsun have complete production facilities and advance testing laboratory equipment, the implementation of strict production management system and quality inspection system. We regard quality as the foundation of success, pursue and maintain industry leading edge.
Exceed customer expectation, help customers succeed, to provide customer satisfaction of products and we are proud of the success of clients, to create high voltage rectifier areas of the world's best partner.
Founded in 2001, is a high voltage rectifier devices, high voltage power supply manufacturers around the world. Dedicated to provide customers with competitive professional products and services. In the field of high voltage rectifier device, high voltage power supply manufacturing Leadsun have industry leading production technology and application of research and development experience.
10 years, we continue to invest and innovate, continuing the pursuit of new technologies, make Leadsun worldwide high quality high voltage rectifier devices, high frequency high voltage power supply one of the preferred brand.
Based on the technology of high frequency high voltage series products, with the deep understanding of basic devices technology and applied to the amount of packaging technology, successfully launched constantly improve the high-voltage device product line.Can satisfy: laser, X-rays, medical, security, industrial, environmental protection, power, scientific research, aerospace, military industry, etc, and partial unpopular including various special needs and special custom.
Exceed customer expectations, help customers succeed, we are committed to creating the best suppliers of high-voltage rectifier field goal.
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